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  • Condor Punking!!!

    Not everyone will get this out of context, but for those who are fucking welcome!


    "Frank can take care of himself." Dirt said. "He wrecked those other clowns, and this guy is kind of a bitch."

    "A well connected bitch who always has a bunch of goons hanging around." Poncho explained.

    "I'll just condor punk them, that always works." 

    "What the fuck is condor punking?" Poncho questioned.

    "You ever watch one of those nature shows where some vultures are picking at a corpse, then a condor shows up and punks them all out?"


    "Well, these vultures are all around this corpse having a grand time eating its butt and stuff, then a condor sees it and wants a piece. Everyone knows condors are seriously the most bad ass flying dick birds in the world, except bats, but some clowns say bats aren't birds so I won't count them. So the condor flies down and puffs his feathers out and chases them all away. After they fuck off he eats until his fat greedy ass is full. The best part is, before he flies away he goes and punks them out some more, just to make sure they know who the boss of all birds is."

    "That sounds dumb, how would that work against goons?"

    "You just run at them flapping your arms! They will run away for sure." Dirt explained while making his best imitation of condor punking. Which pretty much consisted of him flapping his arms  and bobbing his head like an idiot. 

    "I'm not doing that, and if you do I'll let them beat your ass into the ground. Hell, I might even help them."